Phil Laak & Jennifer Tilly at EPT Monte Carlo Event

Well rested and fresh off a marathon session for Party Poker’s Big Game IV, Phil “Unabomber” Laak and Jennifer Tilly have unexpectedly found their way over to Monte Carlo to take part in the PokerStars sponsored European Poker Tour Monte Carlo Event.

Volcanic Ash Traps Them in London

The couple became trapped in London after the volcano in Iceland caused serious flight delays across London and northern Europe. They were scheduled to play in the Bellagio $25,000 event in Las Vegas, but had no choice but to cancel after all flights out of London became grounded for almost a week.

Poker’s power couple likes London a lot, so although they were disappointed about missing the Bellagio tournament, at least they are able to spend time in a city they love!

Chaos Leads to EPT Monte Carlo

With the lengthy delay and the EPT Monte Carlo event about to get underway, Phil and Jennifer decided that it made no sense to return to the US, and they headed straight to Monte Carlo. He describes the event as “a great event (Lots of soft spots and well run.) So [going] was a no brainer. Stoked.”

Rough Going for the Unabomber

Phil Laak at EPT Monte CarloThe Unabomber didn’t last longer than an hour at the EPT event as he hit a big hand only to be shown a monster. Here is how it all went down:

Andrew Chen raised in late position to $300. Phil was on the button with Ah7d and re-raised a possible steal attempt by Chen to $1,100. Chen flat called and the flop came As, Kh, 7s – an apparent dream flop for Phil!

Chen checked and Laak bet $1,400. Chen now check raised it up to $4,500. Laak played his hand fast and re-raised, only to have Chen instantly push all-in.

Chen showed his pocket Kings for a flopped set. No help came for Laak on the turn or river and he is out of the EPT event due to an unavoidable monster match up.

No Luck for Jennifer

Jennifer Tilly at EPT Monte Carlo

Jennifer Tilly is also out on the 1st day after she got a little short on chips and pushed all in with a flush draw and two overcards to the board only to be up against JJ.

She held Tc9c and the flop came 4d5c7c giving her a monster draw. With only $12,000 in chips, this looked like a good spot to make a comeback. Aleh Plauski was holding JhJs. Against an overpair, Jennifer needed her flush to hit to stay alive. Her hopes were dashed when the turn and river came blank.

Enjoy Monte Carlo!

After elimination on Day 1, Phil Laak and Jennifer Tilly will have some time to enjoy Monte Carlo and maybe even get in on some of the great side game action.

It is too bad that they didn’t have a good tournament but they did have great results at the Big Game and an awesome European vacation together! What more can you ask for?