Phil Laak and his girlfriend Jennifer Tilly are the hottest couple in the poker world. Rightfully so, Phil is one of poker’s biggest stars and Jennifer is certainly one of the hottest ladies in the game. She has even earned herself the nickname the “Unabombshell”.

How Did They Meet?

They first met each other at the World Poker Tour Invitational tournament at the Commerce Casino in 2004 where they hung out during the event and had a lot of fun together.  He would go on to win this event, impressing the well known actress along the way.

She was interested in learning more about poker from one of the best in the business and gave him a window of opportunity by letting him know that she wished she could play poker like him.

The Unabomber stepped up with an offer and joked “Well, if you teach me how to accessorize, I will teach you how to play poker.”

Did He Ask For Her Number?

Nope, she asked for his!

In his recount of their first meeting, Phil says that he thought it would be too forward to ask her for her number. Unlike Laak, she had no qualms about playing it fast and asked him for his number.

Did She Call?

After having a blast together at the Commerce Casino and Jennifer asking for his number, Phil thought he’d hit the jackpot on this one. Another lucky day for one of poker’s greatest.

However, she didn’t end up calling, and he took a bad beat on this one.

Making His Move

He is no fool and can take a beat like a man. He shook it off and kept his eye on the prize.

The Unabomber made sure that he had a fancy play ready the next time they met up, and took a calculated gamble that paid off big time.

The next time that they saw each other and hung out, he made his move. When he had to get going to catch his plane, he said to her “Nice hanging out … I gotta catch my plane …”

Again, she asked for his number so that she could give him a call to hook up. He had a plan and responded “Well, what’s the point? Last time I gave you my number you didn’t call.” For once, Jennifer Tilly was speechless.

Then he pulled the trigger “How about this: Instead of me giving you my number and it being 3% you call me, why don’t I get your number, and then it will be 100% that I call you?”

Winning His Prize

They have been together ever since and are now in a long-term relationship. Having his girlfriend at his side for major poker events makes everyone that much happier to see him show up.

And she did cash in on those poker lessons. Jennifer Tilly has won over $500,000 in poker tournaments, including 1st place at the World Series of Poker Ladies No Limit Hold’em tournament and another win at the World Poker Tour Ladies Invitational.

With combined tournament results of over $2.5 million dollars, Phil Laak and his girlfriend Jennifer Tilly are poker’s power couple. Both of them have big personalities, making them some of the most entertaining players to watch at the tables. And of course, Jennifer being easy on the eyes helps!

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