Jennifer Tilly Dressed as a Naughty Nurse for Halloween

Phil Laak got every man’s dream this Halloween as his girlfriend Jennifer Tilly donned a naughty nurse costume.

The two attended Antonio Esfandiari’s Halloween party bash that Phil tweeted was a “Full out sick party!!!”

The pair couldn’t have dressed more opposite if they tried.

Laak and Tilly at Halloween

Laak and Tilly at Halloween

Phil was dressed as a super nerd with black glasses taped up in the middle. He wore a checkered shirt and bow tie. He even wore the ultimate nerd shoes to match. The worst part of his costume was the fake yellow teeth with some of the nastiest looking gums ever.

On the flip side, Jennifer wore a very tight nurse outfit with a low front showing off her fine cleavage. Damn, she is smoking!

To top it all off, Tilly was recently voted into 3rd place on the Poker Player to Have Sex With wish list.

Her steamy girl-on-girl scene with Gina Gershon from the movie “Bound” was mentioned multiple times by the voters.

Hopefully, at the end of the night Phil made a quick transition from nerd to Unabomber and fired up something explosive to take advantage of his fortunate situation.

After all, if it wasn’t for naughty nurses, Halloween would cease to exist.

Thank you Miss Tilly, may God bless you!