Unabomber Poker is a Cake Poker Network Partner. As part of an established and trusted network, you can be guaranteed that your money and winnings will be safe when you play at Phil Laak’s online poker room.

Superior Shuffling & Random Number Generator (RNG)

The Cake Poker Network has sought to ensure a fair and quality poker playing experience for all of their customers. Cake has implemented a superior solution that ensures a random distribution of cards that has no sequence or relationship in any way.

Their Random Number Generator is completely independent of the poker game. This means, that when the game requests a card be dealt, the RNG is separate from the game itself so that it does not know whose turn it is to act or how the game is being played.

The Cake Poker Network uses Microsoft’s CryptoAPI and their system is cryptographically secure. This means that the RNG is so completely random that not even a very large amount of computer analysis has been able to predict or detect patterns. This has been validated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Independently Certified

The network has been independently tested and certified by Technical Systems Testing (TST) laboratories to provide RNG Certification. TST provides industry testing and provides independent certification for online poker rooms.

Regulated & Licensed

The Cake Poker Network provides the backend services and functionality of the Unabomber Poker skin. Cake is regulated and licensed by the Curacao Egaming Licensing Authority.


The Cake Network Security Team investigates all complaints made by players that suspect questionable practices or collusion at the poker tables. This entire network implements random security checks and log file reviews. The analysis includes tracking player betting patterns relative to their hand strength and cross referencing that with other player’s actions at the table to determine if they may be working together. The system uses complex algorithms to identify, track, and uncover any collusion in order to ensure the integrity of the system and maintain fairness at the poker tables.

The Cake Poker Network also uses industry standard 256-bit encryption to ensure that all communications between your computer and the server cannot be seen by anyone else. No other computers know what your hole cards are ensuring that the Cake security system is hacker free.

Bots and Artificial Intelligence programs are forbidden. The security system in place can detect use of such programs. Players found to be using these programs will have their accounts closed immediately.

Poker Nickname Changes

Players are allowed to change their poker nickname once every 7 days. As an industry leader in fair play, this feature will allow players to independently change their names and negate any effect of shared or prolonged poker tracking software.

Poker tracking software such as PokerTracker and Hold’Em Manager have become quite popular in online poker and are allowed at most poker rooms. Unabomber Poker also allows tracking software to be used for the benefit of the individual player reviewing their own play and hand histories. However, in order to prevent large databases being compiled on opponents or being shared with others, the room allows their players to change their nickname every 7 days. This will prevent players from being followed around and stop other players gaining an unfair advantage through database tracking.

Unabomber Poker Change Screen Name

The Unabomber software does allow players to make notes on other player’s tendencies and these notes will remain with the player in the system despite name changes.

Confidentiality & Privacy

The poker network is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the information collected. It is safeguarded with appropriate software and hardware tools, techniques, methods and procedures to ensure the utmost level of confidentiality and privacy available.

Safe & Secure Online Poker Environment

Phil Laak’s Unabomber Poker room is one of the safest and most secure online poker rooms around. Being part of the well-known and trusted Cake Poker Network has allowed it to benefit from the proven security technology that the Cake Network has implemented to guarantee one of the safest online poker playing environments around.