Phil Laak on a High after Breaking Guinness World Record

Phil Laak sounds like a raving madman when discussing his life after breaking the Guinness World Record for Poker Endurance.  He is now on a natural high caused by his record breaking success and the sleep deprivation that came with it.

His life advice for others?  “Stay awake for 100 hours or so.  Just do it.  Trust me.  You will feel better for it.”

The Unabomber says that his passion for everything has increased, and so has his poker game!  He has now won 7 of his last 8 poker sessions and states that “another door of the matrix has opened” in regards to his mad poker skills.  The “new Phil” has been unleashed on the poker world.  His confidence is up, his patience levels are higher and his level of athleticism is improved.

Phil Laak’s World Series of Poker

Phil is in Las Vegas for the summer and for the entirety of the World Series of Poker.  He will definitely be playing in the Championship Event along with all the other poker superstars.

He started off the WSOP by setting the World Record for Poker Endurance and since then, he has been happy to concentrate on winning money in the juicy cash game side action that is in full swing during the WSOP.  He has been concentrating on the No Limit Hold’em $10/20 and $25/50 ring games at the Bellagio and has been making a killing.

Europeans try for Phil Laak’s Guinness World Record

A group of seven Europeans is attempting to break Phil Laak’s Guinness World Record for Poker Endurance.  The players began their attempt on Saturday morning and plan to play for a whopping 150 hours!  More to come …