Keeping up with the Unabomber as he plays high stakes poker in Las Vegas and travels around the world playing million dollar tournaments is easy with Twitter.

With regular tweets and updates from the poker table you can follow Phil Laak’s poker results as they happen. From winning big pots to sitting at the poker table with other high stakes poker superstars, you can now know what is going on as it happens.

He also updates his Twitter page with lots of pictures from his phone. This is pretty awesome and was especially cool when he set the Guinness World Record for Poker Endurance as fans around the world were able to check out the pictures of the celebration with his girlfriend Jennifer Tilly and his buddy Antonio Esfandiari as it happened at the Bellagio.

Check out Phil Laak’s Twitter page at

Phil Laak’s Blog

Phil also has a cool blog that is part of his online poker room. Unabomber Poker hosts his exclusive blog that is popularly known as his “Intelligence HQ” bringing you “Recon” from his latest quests for fame, fortune and glory at the poker table.

His poker blog can be found right here.

Check it out to get inside the mind of a poker genius as he shares insight into the game, opinions on other top rated poker pros, posts pictures and videos from big events, and even shares movie and book reviews.

This is the exclusive place to get all the latest insider information on the biggest games in the poker world that can’t be found anywhere else.