Phil Laak insists that Unabomber Poker offer the “sickest promotions out there” and he delivers.

The 110% sign up poker bonus available on your 1st deposit.

That’s right, his poker room will more than double your 1st deposit up to $600!

110% Sign Up Bonus is only the Beginning!

The sign up bonus is only the beginning of online poker’s best rewards program.

When you sign up through our site, you also qualify for the best Unabomber Poker Rakeback deal around that gives you 33% rakeback on all your play!

Even while you earn your sign up bonus, you are eligible to earn other rewards such as Gold Chips, Gold Stacks and Gold Cards, all of which allow you to enter tournaments for free and receive additional cash payouts on top of your sign up bonus!

Phil Laak is crazy, and Unabomber Poker’s promotions are even crazier. Sign up today and become part of the madness!

Unabomber Poker Bonus Code: RAKE

The 110% sign up bonus is credited to your bonus account when you make your 1st deposit using bonus code: RAKE

To claim it, all you need to do is click on one of our banner ads anywhere on our site and make your 1st deposit.  That’s a pretty awesome start!

Bonus Status

Once you have made your 1st deposit you can check on your bonus in the Cashier’s section along with your current account balance.

The bonus funds are listed in the Pending Bonus section of the Cashier. This section shows you the total amount of bonus funds that you have been awarded. Below that, it shows you the total amount of bonus funds that have been released into your real money balance.

Keeping track of your bonus funds and bonus status is easy and there is no guesswork involved.

Bonus Expiration

Bonuses last for 90 days before they expire, giving you lots of time to earn all of your bonus funds and receive real cash paid directly into your account!

The 90 days start from the date that you were awarded the bonus. This would be the date that you made your 1st deposit.

Earning your Bonus

Earning your bonus is easy and quick.

Bonus funds are released in $10 increments. In order to earn $10 of bonus money you only need to accumulate 166.67 Frequent Player Points (FPPs). This means that you earn $0.06 of bonus money for every FPP that you accumulate.

Frequent Player Points

Frequent Player Points (FPPs) are awarded for all real money ring games and real money tournaments.

If you are playing a tournament, you receive 7 FPPs for every dollar in tournament fees paid.

If you are playing a ring game, you receive 1 FPP for every dollar taken in rake from the entire table once you are dealt into the hand. You don’t even need to win the hand to earn FPPs. Now that’s sick!

Since FPPs are awarded in fractions and exactly down to the cent, you receive FPPs fairly. For example, if a pot is raked only $0.25, then you will receive 0.25 FPPs. This way, you get paid out fair and square. That’s how Phil Laak rolls.