Jennifer Tilly makes grand entrance at Party Poker’s Big Game IV

Jennifer Tilly – Phil Laak’s girlfriend – has officially made her star studded entrance to Party Poker’s Big Game.Jenifer Tilly makes Grand Entrance

The Big Game’s exciting new format has the poker players walking on to their choice of entrance music. Jennifer Tilly chose none other than “Man Eater” by Hall and Oates to send a message to the other players at the table:

Oh here she comes

Watch out boy she’ll chew you up

Jennifer Tilly is in the starting group of eight players who are competing in the new high stakes Texas Holdem cash game format.

Every four hours, the players get to vote off one player at the table, who is then replaced by a new player from the list if invitees. The player at the table, who has been the most aggressive, receives immunity from being voted off. This concept is likely to produce some pretty exciting and entertaining play.

We expect that Jennifer will get her fair share of time at the poker table.

There is still no word as to when Jennifer Tilly‘s  boyfriend – Phil “Unabomber” Laak – will show up or what his choice of entrance song will be.