The Unabomber Poker software ranks amongst the best in the industry. It looks good, it is intuitive and easy-to-use, and is great for multi-tabling. It runs smoothly and doesn’t have annoying disconnection problems.

Great Table Features & Playability

Playing poker at this online room is a great experience as the software is smooth and functional. The cards are easy to see and the action is easy to follow.

Unabomber Poker Table View

Unabomber Poker includes the following features:

  • Resizable Tables – The tables can be made larger or smaller than the default size by clicking various size options or dragging the table borders manually to the desired size. Shrinking the table size does not make the game harder to follow as the text and cards remain easily viewable without creating eye strain.
  • Great Multi-Tabling – Multi-tabling at this room is easy to do. We have personally been able to play as many as 16 tables simultaneously with ease because of the software’s great functionality. With the software programmed to pop-up the next table that needs to be acted on and keep it active until you make a decision, you never have to manually click between windows to get to the action. The software also allows you to take the same seat position on every table so that multi-tablers will know exactly where on the table to look minimizing time wasted.
  • Note Taking Features – The software allows you to label players with various color icons to denote the type of player that they are. It also allows you to write down notes in the box provided. The note taking feature is decent enough but would not rank amongst the best available.
  • Cool Avatars – You can choose from over 20 available avatars including one of the man himself – Phil Laak – decked out in full Unabomber gear. How cool is that!
  • Great Overall Look – Let’s face it. No poker room has a sicker theme than the Unabomber Poker theme. The cartoon superhero imagery makes this the coolest poker room theme out there, hands down!

Easy-to-Use Lobby at Unabomber Poker

The main lobby is easy-to-use and can be sorted by game type. The filter feature allows you to set exactly the stakes and table size (full ring, 6-max, heads-up) that you want to play and makes it easy to get in the game quickly. The lobby also has waiting lists, information on percentage players seeing the flop, average pot size and hands per hour.

Lots of Traffic

This online poker room is part of the Cake Poker Network that includes very popular poker rooms including its flagship Cake Poker as well as DoylesRoom. It is one of the 10 most popular rooms out there and you will always be able to find games going on.

The games are soft and easy to win at, especially compared to sites like PokerStars.

Stable Network

The Cake Poker Network is very stable. It does not have those annoying disconnection problems that will cause you to lose your connection in the middle of a big hand.

USA Players Welcome

Of course, all players are welcome here including those from the USA!

Live Bonus Tracking

The Cashier allows you to track your bonus status with real time updates. This way you know where you stand.

Auto Buy-in, Auto Re-buy & Auto Top-up Features

The Auto Buy-in feature allows you to set up the amount that you want to buy-in for at the games to make getting in the game faster with fewer annoyances along the way.

The auto re-buy and auto top-up features allow you to top up your stack whenever you lose a pot for added convenience.

PokerTracker Not Allowed – Here’s Why!

The room does not allow players to use the PokerTracker tracking software to keep data on their opponents. Players who rely heavily on tracking software will most likely avoid this site so no one will have a data tracking edge on you here. This is a great way to keep the sharks away and allow the games to remain soft.

The poker room also allows you to change your screen name once per week to make sure that no sharks follow you around incessantly.

The notes you take will stick to the player so your note taking will not be lost if the player changes their name. Once you sit at the table, your notes will reappear for that player.

These features are in place to prevent sharks chasing the fish from table to table like at other sites.

The Unabomber Poker Software Rocks!

The software is by far one of the best online poker software packages available anywhere! With its awesome design and looks, combined with great functionality and features, it can’t be beat.