Tracking down the Unabomber as he travels around the world playing poker tournaments and having fun is easy at Unabomber PokerUnabomber Poker is the host of Phil Laak’s “Intelligence HQ” which brings you all the Recon from his latest adventures.

A cool part of the website is exclusive access to Phil Laak’s blog.  He updates his blog regularly with poker news, tournament results, stories about his travels and even movie reviews.

His blog can be found right here.

If you have ever wanted to know what it is like to be a top poker pro, traveling the world and gambling with massive amounts of money, this blog will satisfy your hunger.  It gives unique insights into major poker events and divulges insider information that you can’t find out about anywhere else.

As one of the friendliest poker players out there, he will share his opinions of other professional players.  He mentions the respect that he has for Phil Ivey and blogs about enjoying the great entertainment that Mike Matusow provides at the poker table.  He also keeps readers updated about the latest TV poker shows that he is taking part in and his results.

Phil Laak on Twitter

Phil Laak can also be followed on Twitter at

With regular updates and news, his blog and Twitter accounts can keep you up-to-date on the exciting life of the world famous Unabomber!