Phil Laak Appears on PokerStars “The Big Game”

Phil Laak’s appearance at PokerStars “The Big Game” aired on FOX this week.

Phil Laak appears on Pokerstars ‘The Big Game’

The episode was filmed shortly after his ATV accident and his hand is in a sling.

Thankfully, poker is not a physical game and he managed to survive using just one hand to look at his cards and handle his chips.

His pink mohawk was also an eye catcher.

Despite being filmed so soon after the accident, he was in high spirits and provided non-stop entertainment for viewers.

The Big Game features a star studded line up of poker pros all with $100,000 buy-ins playing against an amateur “Loose Cannon”. The amateur was cancer survivor Scott Fishman who played aggressive poker and won $30,000 at a table full of sharks.

He started out strong firing a three barrel bluff against David Williams and winning the hand with a busted straight draw on the river.

Phil Laak Mohawk

He also faced off against the Unabomber who tried to put a move on him by raising the flop with nothing. Fishman was not to be pushed around and pushed back with top pair, second kicker to take the $40,000 pot down.

Phil Hellmuth was the big winner of the episode winning $54,000.

WSOP 2009 Champion Joe Cada was very quiet and walked away with $1,000 profit.

David Williams lost $28,000.

Despite providing most of the entertainment, Phil Laak was the biggest loser having lost $34,000.