Phil Laak’s High Stakes Poker Season 7 Debut

Phil Laak has joined the cast of High Stakes Poker midway into Season 7.

His arrival coincided with an entire switch up of the table with all of the original players who appeared earlier in the season being replaced, with the exception of Barry Greenstein who remained.

The new line-up included World Series of Poker Champion Jonathan Duhamel and PokerStars Team Pro Jason Mercier.

Also featured were Mike Baxter, Haralabos Voulgaris, Julian Movsesian and Bill Perkins.

The players all bought in for $200,000 which represents the new minimum buy-in in the game boosting the total amount of money in play.

The Unabomber would have a relatively quiet night winning around $5,000 in the episode.

The episode’s big winner would be none other than the reigning WSOP Champ who won over $100,000.

Duhamel would take down an almost $100,000 pot when he raised Bill Perkins’ straddle to $4,200 with Q5 in a late position steal attempt.  Movsesian held AK in the big blind and made the call while Perkins folded his hand.  The flop came 586 rainbow, with Movsesian check-calling Duhamel’s $5,500 continuation bet.  The turn was an Ace giving Movsesian the card he was looking for.  He checked from early position and Duhamel wisely checked behind.  The river was another 5 giving Duhamel three-of-a-kind.  Unsuspectingly, Movsesian bet out for $10,000 looking for value from his AK hand and Duhamel raised up to $32,300.  Movsesian called to see the bad news.

Phil Laak took the opportunity to add “That’s how they win $9 million, kids.”

In a later hand, Lady Luck would again shine on the Champ as his nut flush draw connected on the turn against Baxter’s flopped set.  Baxter fired out $11,000 on the flop and was called.  The turn brought the flush and Baxter check-called Duhamel’s bet for $17,600.  The river was a blank and once again Baxter check-called a bet of $33,500.  Duhamel took down the $100,000+ pot to make him the night’s big winner.

The next episode will air on GSN this Saturday night at 7p.m. EST so make sure to check it out and catch up as the Unabomber takes on the world’s best players at the highest stakes around.