I Bet You

I Bet You with Phil Laak and Antonio EsfandiariI Bet You is a TV show starring Phil “Unabomber” Laak and Antonio “Magician” Esfandiari. They are both multi-millionaire poker players and best friends with lots of cash to gamble.

This TV show can best be described in its opening comments “The following is what happens when you give two degenerate gamblers their own TV show…”

The Rivalry

These two are best friends with obscene amounts of money. What’s more is that they have made their fortune through gambling and they both love to bet.

They were even roommates in their earlier years and travel together while on the poker tournament circuit.

As best friends who have moved up in the poker world together, they are super competitive. This intense rivalry is seen in any head-to-head challenge, most often at the poker table, where they both hate to lose, or be bluffed, by the other player.

In I Bet You, their intense betting rivalry moves away from the poker table and into any and every real life situation and challenge imaginable.

They both have big personalities and are very entertaining guys to watch. With absolutely no shame, and their refusal to give in to the other, this show is gambling entertainment at its best.

The Setting

Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari in Las VegasIn I Bet You, these two they travel across the USA from California to the Nevada desert to Miami Beach. During the trip they look for just about any opportunity to place a proposition bet against each other.

Most bets are impromptu and are on just about anything they can dream up from the settings around them. From walking down the street and betting $500 on the cost of a shirt in a show window to betting $5,000 on who can surf the best. They turn an ordinary day into a real life gambling extravaganza.



The Bets

The bets placed on the show fall into different categories with various price ranges.

There are the big bets which are for thousands of dollars and are based on a big challenge where they both learn a skill and face off against each other. Examples of these bets include $5,000 wagers on racing dune buggies to a surf competition between the two of them. These bets are the highlights of their rivalry where they go head-to-head against each for big dollars.

There are random bets where they dream up a challenge as they wander around. These bets tend to be for around $1,000. Often, they will flip a coin for who has to do the challenge due to its embarrassing nature. The loser of the coin flip has to step up to the plate. These bets have included Laak losing the coin flip and having to get a random man at the beach to put sun tan lotion on his back!

There are also a lot of smaller $500 bets that involve who can generally guess the value of something closer than the other person. This will include betting on the cost of a dune buggy. They also put a spin on it and guess the age of a lady bartender or the type of underwear a girl on the street is wearing.

With no shame, these guys will get into betting on who is the better dancer, and even, who is the better model on the catwalk. With the sums of money involved and their rivalry, even the most ridiculous challenges are fought out with serious determination.

Other bets involved lie detector tests to see who can bluff the best and even a sperm count to see whom is the bigger man!

This is the ultimate TV show for men and airs on MOJO TV.  These guys bring typical male rivalries and boyish challenges to TV that connect with men everywhere.

We all dream up crazy challenges for each other with prop bets that involve money or some form of humiliation. These two friends show that although being multi-millionaires they are just regular guys that get into the same ridiculous ego trip challenges and face-offs as the rest of us. However, with a large budget, they can afford to take it all to the next level!

This is TV for men at its best. Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari are real life guys doing reality TV with their own cash on the line. Reality TV for men doesn’t get much better than this.

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