Jennifer Tilly Wins Big at the Big Game and Phil Laak Joins the Party!

Jennifer Tilly Wins Big!

Jennifer Tilly has come out ahead at PartyPoker’s Big Game IV showing that she can hold her own with the big boys of poker!Jennifer Tilly Winning big at Party Poker Big Game IV

Jennifer Tilly – Phil Laak’s girlfriend – got off to an action packed start to open up the action at the Big Game. In the 1st hand, Jennifer lost £5,000 to a successful bluff by Viffer. In the next hand, she bounced back and made a huge all in call with JJ against David Peat’s AK. A Jack came on the flop and Jennifer Tilly yelled “GENIUS!”

Soon after, her QQ ran into Paul Marrow’s AA, and Jennifer’s stack was quickly knocked back down a notch.

The action continued for Laak’s lady, with Tilly getting KK against Grondin’s QQ. The money went into the middle and Tilly’s Kings held up.

Jennifer Tilly showed she had game when she bluffed Viffer off the best hand with her 88 on a 396AA rainbow board against his 94.

Tilly would later take a stand with top pair top kicker against Isaac Haxton’s bullying attempt, resulting in Jennifer Tilly taking down another big pot.

After 9 hours of play, and £33,000 in profits, Jennifer Tilly decides to call it quits!

Phil Laak Joins the Party!

Phil “Unabomber” Laak finally showed up at around 6 a.m. looking wide awake and well rested. He looks like he is here to play poker and is ready to go the distance.

The game has been relatively quiet for him at the poker table. It is now after dinner, and he has reloaded to the full £20,000 buy-in, being down about £10,000 so far.

Here is a big pot that came up right after the dinner break between Phil Laak and Roland de Wolfe that saw Laak being tricky. Unfortunately, he ended up getting himself into all sorts of trouble.

Our hero is in the big blind and is dealt QQ. Roland de Wolfe open raised the pot with AcJc and Laak calls from the big blind to lay a trap.

The flop falls Jack high, and Phil check-calls £1,400. The turn is nightmare Ace. He checks again and de Wolfe fires out £4,400 with top two pair.

He chooses a bad spot and check raises de Wolfe to £12,000! De Wolfe wastes no time putting the Unabomber all in. He is committed at this point and asks de Wolfe “Run it four times?” De Wolfe obliges, but there would be no help for the Unabomber on the river, and he will need to reload for another £20,000 to keep going.

With that hand over, he is now down about £30,000 so far. No worries though, Phil Laak is in Party Poker’s Big Game for the long haul and is not going down without a fight.

Stay tuned to see how the Unabomber finishes up the marathon cash game session …