Phil Laak Recovering from ATV Accident

Phil Laak is recovering from his serious ATV accident and although the road to recovery is not easy, things could have been a lot worse for him.

His facial stitches were successfully removed five days after his accident.  In total, he had 34 stitches along his eye and face.  Not nice, even for poker’s most notorious player.

The picture below with stitches removed shows the scarring that goes right over his eyelid.  He is certainly very fortunate to have not lost an eye in the accident.


The initial arm cast has now been replaced with a new one isolating his smashed wrist.  His elbow has recovered enough that he is able to begin physiotherapy to regain use.  Despite this, he is definitely still in very rough shape and figuring out a way to lie on his stomach has now become a struggle.

He is on Percocet for the pain and has also been receiving a lot of tender loving care from his longtime girlfriend Jennifer Tilly.

Phil Laak’s ATV Accident

Phil was involved in a serious smash up on his ATV while camping with his buddies, including Antonio Esfandiari, in Oregon two weeks ago.  Although the injuries to his eye and arm seem to be pretty serious, it definitely could have been much worse.  As he puts it “I’m lucky to be in one piece”.

The Unabomber is known for a bold and adventurous lifestyle away from the poker felt.  It seems like this time it has unfortunately got the better of him.  He is tough and this is only a minor setback.  He is down, but not out.

We continue to wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.