Phil Laak plays 38 hours of poker and wins £25,000 at Party Poker’s Big Game!

Phil Laak battles back!

Phil Laak had a rough start to Party Poker’s Big Game getting himself stuck for about £30,000 half way through his 38 hour marathon poker session.

Our hero was here to play and quickly showed he wasn’t shook by de Wolfe’s earlier victory against him. Laak raised with Q6, to be 3 bet by de Wolfe holding AT. Phil showed he had game and 4 bet his junk cards to take down the pot!

The Unabomber is a cash game specialist, and one of the best poker players in the game. We knew it would just be a matter of time before he got even.

Neil Channing comments on Phil Laak:

Phil Laak and Roland de Wolfe face off again!

It was Phil Laak and Roland de Wolfe at it again, and this time, the Unabomber came out ahead!

Phil raised with 44, to then be re-raised by de Wolfe who held QQ. Reuben made the call with TT, and Laak completed.

The Unabomber hit a dream flop with the board reading 4s7sJh. Everyone checked through and the turn came a 6d. Laak lead out for £3,000 and his nemesis de Wolfe popped it up to £10,000. Phil pushed in the rest of his stack and at this point it was impossible for de Wolfe to release his QQ. Laak’s hand held up at the river and he took down a £45,000 pot to turn his fortunes around.

AK vs. AK

Phil Laak and Ellis Reuben tangled horns in a £45,000 pot as their AK hands battled each other. Laak raised pre-flop to be 3 bet by Reuben.

When the flop came T high on a rainbow board, he checked, and Reuben fired a continuation bet of £4,000. He sensed Reuben had overcards and check-raised him to £10,000. Reuben shoved, making Laak sick to his stomach. Our hero makes the huge call and survives a scary river that had the potential to ship the pot Reuben’s way if the flush card hit.

In the end, they split the £45,000 pot with Ace high!

Phil Laak busts de Wolfe

A lot of pots have involved Laak and de Wolfe getting the action started with raises and re-raises. It seems only fitting that he would be the one to bust de Wolfe out of the game.

He woke up with a real hand this time and raised to £1,100 with TT. De Wolfe flat shoved his remaining £10,000 stack in with AJo. Laak called and they ran the entire board twice. No help came for de Wolfe and he is eliminated from Party Poker’s Big Game at the hands of the Unabomber.

Viffer is “Phil’s Bitch”

A big pot came up between the Unabomber and Viffer who is the big winner at the table when both players were deep stacked. Laak had about £50,000 and Viffer had a whopping £100,000 at the table.

Laak raised with 8h7h and Viffer re-raised him with a monster AA. He made the call and the flop came Td2c8c.

Viffer leads for £1,000 and Laak who now has a pair of 8s and position makes the call.

The turn is a dream 8 for our hero, and again Viffer bets out for £5,000. Laak chooses to trap and makes the call.

The river came 7d and seemingly changed nothing in the hand as Viffer saw it. He lead out for £9,000 giving Phil the opportunity that he wanted to push all in. Viffer responded “Motherf***er!” Viffer eventually made the big fold and the Unabomber scooped the pot with his full house.

Viffer would vanish and then reappear wearing a sign that said “Phil’s bitch”. All in good fun!

Phil Laak and Jennifer Tilly win big at Party Poker’s Big Game!

When all the dust settled and the marathon poker session was over, Phil Laak and Jennifer Tilly proved again why they are popularly regarded as “Poker’s first couple”. They both came out ahead with Jennifer winning more than her poker pro boyfriend!

Jennifer Tilly took a whopping £33,000 away from the table in just 9 hours of play.

Phil “Unabomber” Laak banked a nice £25,000 win after a marathon 38 hours on the poker felt!

Congrats to them both!