Win a Free Signed Phil Laak Hoodie

Unabomber Poker will be hosting an exclusive Bounty Freeroll tournament. Knock out Phil Laak and you could win yourself an autographed Unabomber hoodie!

The top seven places will also be awarded Gold Chip prizes starting from 75 Gold Chips up to 300 Gold Chips for 1st place. The tourney takes place on August 31st at 8:00 p.m. EST so be sure to sign up and take part for free.

The best thing about this tournament is that there is a very good chance that you will be seated at Phil’s table and get a chance to play poker with him. Unabomber Poker is a small, specialty poker room, and this means the freeroll will have a small number of players and huge extra value for those who enter.

His online poker room is known for hosting some of the best freerolls around. The last big freeroll prize was a free trip to Las Vegas to play with him during his world record setting poker marathon. The tournament had huge value and was only a single table tournament with the winner getting to head out to Vegas for free!

Although Phil Laak has been beaten and bruised by his recent ATV accident, he says that his brain is still razor sharp and challenges all comers to try to take him down.

Phil Laak’s New Hair Style

Phil’s bones may be broken but that hasn’t slowed him down. Sporting a radical new hairdo, he made his 1st public appearance at the PokerStars “Big Game”.

His love of TV shows and movies as well as novelty shirts also features as he brags that he will be rebuilt while sporting a shirt featuring “The Six Million Dollar Man”.

Phil Laak's New Haircut

He has had orbital implant surgery to ensure that his eye will be fine and it now sits on a small sliver of plastic instead of the bone.

With seven broken bones and 34 stitches around his eye, he still counts himself lucky stating “I easily could have lost my eye or had soup for brains”.

Antonio Esfandiari who was riding another ATV when the accident happened, described it all in detail “We went over a sand dune, but there was a drop hidden behind it. Phil tried to jump off in mid-air, but he ended up landing on his bike. His elbow is broken and his wrist is all jacked up. His eye is also really messed up. Had it been one millimeter off, he’d probably be blind.”

Play Online at Unabomber Poker

In need of a little bit more rest and relaxation than normal, Phil has had more time to focus on his online game at his very own poker room.

Be sure to sign up at Unabomber Poker and enter the Bounty Freeroll tournament to take on Phil Laak for free on August 31st.